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Bitcoin & Digital Assets

"Bitcoin and Digital Assets" are used as catchall terms to describe the new asset classes of cryptocurrencies and other forms of digital ownership.  At Lowcountry Legal Solutions, we have a bit of a nerd streak in us and we are very interested in these technologies.  As such, we possess the knowledge needed to help you with your ownership issues.  We want to work with you to educate you on the pitfalls and considerations you need to best protect yourself. 

For example, if you own cryptocurrencies and want to create an estate plan, how do you ensure that your assets remain safe when you are no longer able to manage them?  What kind of assets are they - bitcoin, ethereum, XRP, litecoin, etc.? Or something more off the beaten path?  If you have spent any time in the crypto space, you'll have heard the phrase "not your keys, not your coins."  This means that so long as the private keys to your digital assets are not in your control (left on an exchange, for example) then they are at risk of all forms of attack or loss.  

Work with a knowledgeable attorney in the Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Hardeeville areas who can understand these assets and how to best protect them for you.  We can tailor our services to your specific assets and needs.  We can help educate you and those who you trust with your assets on the technology: 

  • wallets

  • private keys

  • addresses

  • hardware wallets

  • paper wallets

  • two-factor authentication

  • multisignature wallets

  • and so much more. 

Because this space is evolving at a blazing pace, we offer subscription based services so you can contact us at any time with any questions you may have.  

Contact us today to work with an attorney who will be with you on your journey in these new and exciting assets. 

(843) 868-LCLS (5257) 

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