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A little different.  A lot more personal.

Our Estate and Family Planning Process

Have you called estate planners, told them, or have been told you need a will, power of attorney, and maybe a trust?  Said you think so, sounds good - paid your flat fee, signed some documents and that was that?  This is a very common process.  We believe it can be done a little differently and have a far greater impact to you, personally.  

At Lowcountry Legal Solutions, LLC, we seek to take a more holistic approach. We dive deep into your needs, wants and values, your financial picture, and your family or loved ones who you want to include in your plan.  

First we start with a conversation.  This is a meeting which lasts up to two hours.  Before this meeting you will receive and complete an Inventory which goes through your financial and family picture.  We go over, in detail, your goals, who you would want to leave assets to, what you would want done with those assets, any concerns about who might receive them, and more.  We discuss who can act on your behalf if you are unable to handle your affairs yourself.  

If you have children, we go into detail about what would happen in the event something were to happen to you.  Different ways you can prepare and plan for such a situation, and who you might want to be guardians for your children both long term and short term.  

Once your needs are identified, we develop and build your plan.  We discuss all the documents needed to accomplish your goals, and discuss fees and costs.  These could be wills, living wills, powers of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, HIPPA compliance documents, trust funding documents, beneficiary designations and more.

All of this first step is accomplished during our Estate and Family Planning meeting.  

Second we will meet again, about a month later, to go over the estate plan ensure everything is correct, nothing has changed and do the signing.  This is the signing meeting.  

Finally we meet a third time and Lowcountry Legal Solutions will present and deliver your final plan together with any additional accessories such as a USB or CD copy, any diagrams or visual representations of your plan, letters regarding funding the trust, and letters for your agents and fiduciaries should you want them.   

At this point, our goal at Lowcountry Legal Solutions is not to turn you loose with your plan, but instead to use this as the start of our relationship.  We want to help you along the way after your plan is created to keep it a useful and living document.  To make sure your plan remains the best it can be to accomplish your goals regardless of changes in the law or even changes in your goals. 

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